Our team is made up of people from different backgrounds with a unique perspective and experience in education. Together, we harness the power of creativity, innovation and strategic thinking to provide our students with a blended learning experience that equips them to further their career or business goals & objectives.
Mauricio Rubio, Founder

A serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM and MBA (x2). Global subject matter expert in Agile, Project Management, Product Management & Business Analysis. He’s also a published author and Podcast host. You can read more about his remarkable background here.

Esther Berggrun, Operations

A professional product design and quality assurance expert with a passion for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Her focus on excellence, attention to detail and business acumen help us drive growth and expand our portfolio and product offering to new markets.

Steve Black, Financials

A numbers guy through and through that provides sound advice on tax, business, finance and money. He also helps us develop robust business systems and processes with a focus on compliance, excellence and growth.

Kelly Campbell, Sales & Marketing

A visionary with a strategic approach on growth, diversity, expansion and social media. She’s all about outstanding, high-quality content and the overall student experience to ensure that anyone who invests in any of our products or services becomes an ambassador for our brand.

Ben Ryan, Quality Assurance

A highly versatile and flexible individual with an incredible skillset in writing, proofreading and content quality control. He ensures that any of our products that hit the market meet our rigorous checks on text, audio and video excellence.